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Currently, we are a small group but we’re bringing you a pretty big idea. Our idea is backed up by a proven game plan, a supportive community, substantial experience, and plenty of research. We want to open an inclusive and diverse comedy theater.

As a non-profit theater, this entire operation is centered around creating a more resourceful and positive performance space through community outreach and affordable education in the performing arts. Our programs will be accessible for persons of all backgrounds.

The best comedy isn’t one-dimensional. The best comedy is innovative, unique, educational, and fun! More people learning means more people discovering their potential. Diverse performers appeal to all audiences. At our theater representation matters. Our curriculum will focus on learning our diverse comedy history, being innovative, and achieving artistic excellence. It’s important that everyone involved in this incredible art form is educated in aspects that infrequently receive the recognition it deserves.

We want to include more people. Including more people means a larger, more diverse talent pool. At Stepping Stone Theater everyone will have the opportunity to learn and grow. Especially those historically left out because they can’t afford classes or are reduced to stereotypical roles associated with their race, gender, sexual orientation, and/or disabilities.

Laughter and artistic expression are proven to be therapeutic. We’re not claiming to be doctors but we like to use our talents to heal through the gift of laughter. The name Stepping Stone Theater is intentional. We are meant to be a “stepping stone” for our performers on their way to greatness. We want to provide unique resources to help our community. We want our students and performers to grow, move on to bigger and better things, and keep paying it forward.


Chicago is known for its famed and historical comedy scene. Our team has a wide range of comedy theater experiences, including performance education, curriculum and show structure, and overall daily theater and business operation. This experience drives our passion to pursue building a theater that celebrates and amplifies diverse voices in our community.

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